About Us

My Home 

This is me, and I started Things In My Home out of this bad boy, a 1993 Ford Club Wagon, my home.  I didn't have much…a set of golf clubs, a journal, a few books, and a toaster to keep me warm at night.  I didn't realize how much time there was in a day till I was alone and in my Van 24/7.  Every night I would use my imagination to motivate me to the next day, it wasn't easy but an adventure nonetheless.  I would write in my journal things I needed as well as things I would like to have one day.  Before bed I would imagine my home to the smallest of detail.  From the sound the gravel made as my car passed in the drive way, the color of the front door, to even the smell of my home when the door opened. My home would change from time to time but my imagination was consistent, every night.  Even though I did not have a clue how I was going to acquire any of these items I trusted my journey.

Then one day I took action and decided to create a store that would expand my imagination into reality.  My vision was simple, create a home online of the items I could visualize in my home.  A place of my dreams and a place were customers come to build theirs.

Things In My Home is more than just another store, it’s a dedicated team filled with imagination and the drive to create their own homes.  Our goal is to deliver a place of inspiration for all our customers and provide the best service possible.  Things In My Home evolves every day.  I take pride in the products our team brings to you.

We look forward to your support and feedback.


The Things In My Home family :)